Infrastructure Asset Management

Maintaining a Safe and Intelligent Infrastructure

A safe, reliable, and resilient infrastructure is critical to match a new abundant supply with growing demand and maintain the public’s confidence in the nation’s natural gas delivery system.

GTI’s focus is on technology and information development geared toward reducing risk, preventing damage, and enhancing operational efficiency. Geospatial solutions offer high-quality data capture, and digitization and data analytics drive informed decisions.

Collaboratory for Advancing Methane Science (CAMS)

GTI is managing a new industry-led collaborative research consortium that will pursue scientific studies addressing global methane emissions along the natural gas value chain, from production through end use. Learn More

Key Initiatives

Delivering high-impact, value-added research and technical services

Transmission Track And Trace Schematic

Developing Standards, Guidelines, and Software for Tracking and Traceability of Transmission Assets


Preventing Excavation Damage


Methane Emissions Monitoring, Mitigation, and Insights to Address Global Climate Change Concerns

Butt Fusion Research

Collaborative Technology Development for Infrastructure Construction, Maintenance, and Rehabilitation

Cybersecurity Lock Rectangle

Identifying and Addressing High-Priority Cybersecurity Issues

Sewer System Cleanout Safeguar Device

Enhancing Gas Customer Safety

Success Stories

Commercialized Products

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