Preventing Excavation Damage

Live Gas Mapping 3D Technology to Mitigate Third-Party Damage

GTI is working on development and commercialization of a probe to map existing buried utilities and help mitigate third-party pipeline damage. This probe can be inserted inside of a live gas pipeline to map underground pipes in 3D and provide accurate utility locations to avoid excavation damage. Researchers are addressing the need to extract data, provide software to accurately determine the correct x, y, and z positioning of the pipeline, generate integrated geo-reference video to locate fittings and joints to provide accurate positioning data within the pipeline, and directly download that information to a conventional Geographic Information Systems (GIS) platform.

Using Radar to Detect Obstacles During Horizontal Directional Drilling

GTI is working to prevent damage from excavation activity by introducing new technologies. We partnered with PG&E to bring pre-commercial Optimized Radar to Find Every Utility in the Street (ORFEUS) technology to the U.S. for live field evaluations. The real-time radar obstacle detection system for horizontal directional drilling (HDD) was developed in Europe with funding support from the European Union.

During testing, the ORFEUS technology was able to successfully detect plastic and steel gas lines, electric conduit, and a sewer main. GTI is continuing to assist with further technology development to help bring the product to market with a multimillion dollar funded program by PHMSA and OTD to advance the technology and conduct field tests with operators.

“This system is a huge step forward in improving safe digging in built-up areas.”

Aaron Rezendez, Gas Engineer, PG&E


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