Providing significant economic and environmental benefits

Gasification can be a highly efficient, practically pollution-free way to produce power, fuels, and chemicals from readily available resources (such as coal, coke, and biomass). Before gasification can effectively compete for new uses in the market, the potential economic advantage has to be compelling, and the probability of success must be demonstrated.

Reduction of market and technology risk is what drives GTI Energy’s program in gasification. GTI Energy works with clients as their development partner for gasification technologies. We help our partners demonstrate technical innovations, new feedstock applications, and better process integration to lower costs and increase reliability. Projects are tailored to meet the needs of each client and each technology development effort. We work on a confidential basis to bring process and technology concepts to maturity, with experts employing specialized testing capabilities from laboratory to large pilot scale.

We have been actively involved in gasification research and development (R&D) for over 60 years, and have extensive experience in the design, construction, and operation of gasification systems, including seven trademarked processes.

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SunGas Renewables Announces Beaver Lake Renewable Energy, a Green Methanol Facility in Central Louisiana (07/26/2023)

SunGas Renewables provides gasification systems for large-scale production of renewable low-carbon biofuels and chemicals. The result of the SunGas gasification process is a clean, tar-free syngas, which is critical for the effective and successful production of these products.

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Key Initiatives

Delivering high-impact, value-added research and technical services

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BioRGAS Project for Reducing Aviation Emissions with Biofuels

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Advancing R-GAS™ Entrained Flow Gasification technology to lower costs and minimize environmental impacts in China

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Expanding Production and Use of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

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Small Footprint Dry Solids Pump for Low-Cost Power from Gasification

Success Stories

Proving a Concept and Validating the Process for Coal Gasification

GTI Energy partnered with GreatPoint Energy in the pilot-scale developmental testing of their bluegas® process. GTI Energy…

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Creating Combined Heat and Power from Biomass Gasification in Skive, Denmark

Andritz continued development of the GTI Energy gasification process for biomass applications and has a commercial project…

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Commercialized Products

Ugas Renugas Tampella Finland

Optimizing U-GAS® Applications

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