Leadership & Governance


David Carroll

President and CE​​O​​

Jim Ingold

Senior Vice President of Finance, Treasurer, and CFO

Richard Kaelin

Vice President, Government Affairs

Jeremy Otahal

Executive Director, Corporate Development and Human Resources

Ronald Snedic

Senior Vice President, 
Corporate Development and President, GTI International

Quinton Ford

Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

Don Stevenson

Managing Director, Energy Supply and Conversion

Rodney Rinholm

Executive Director, International Business

Dr. Paula Gant

Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy and Innovation

Vann Bush

Vice President, Technology Development and Commercialization

Tony Lindsay

Managing Director, Delivery
Energy Delivery and Utilization 

Michael Rutkowski

Senior Vice President, Research and Technology Development

Bill Liss

Vice President, Managing Director, Energy Delivery and Utilization

Daniel Ersoy

Executive Director, R&D Energy Delivery and Utilization

GTI Board of Directors, April 2019

GTI is guided by a Board of Directors with members representing the natural gas industry and consumer interests. The CEO of GTI is also a member of the Board. 

  • Mr. Carlos A. Cabrera, Executive Chairman, Genomatica, Inc.
  • Mr. David C. Carroll, President and CEO, GTI (Ex Officio Director)
  • Mr. Adrian P. Chapman, President and CEO, WGL Holdings, Inc. and Washington Gas
  • Mr. Arthur C. Corbin, President and CEO, Municipal Gas Authority of Georgia
  • Mr. Marc J. Florette, Executive Digital Advisor, ENGIE (Retired)
  • Mr. John D. Hofmeister, Chief Executive, Citizens for Affordable Energy
  • Mr. J. Bret Lane, Chairman and CEO, Southern California Gas Company (Chair)
  • Mr. Steven L. Mueller, Chairman and CEO, Southwestern Energy Company (Retired)
  • Ms. Rebecca Ranich, President, Exenico LLC (Vice Chair)
  • Mr. David F. Smith, Chairman, National Fuel Gas Company
  • Mr. John W. Somerhalder II, Chairman, President and CEO, AGL Resources (Retired)
  • Mr. Nick Stavropoulos, President and COO, Pacific Gas & Electric Company (Retired)
  • Ms. Lori S. Traweek, COO, American Gas Association

In addition, member companies and other partners provide technical guidance to GTI on program content and priorities. GTI also formally surveys its research customers regularly. This satisfaction survey helps to ensure that GTI's products and services meet customer needs and identifies areas for performance improvement.

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