Infrastructure Integrity

Infrastructure gets energy to where and when it is needed in an affordable manner to serve a diverse set of customers, and it is fundamental to enabling grid-scale energy transport and storage. It offers reliable, resilient, long-distance energy transport, direct-to-customer delivery, and vast storage capacity to address seasonal demand variations. Leveraging existing infrastructure will be critical to keeping transitions to low-carbon systems affordable and provide pathways to economy-wide deep decarbonization that supports growing economies worldwide.

Utilities are working to safely integrate new low-carbon fuels into the current gas infrastructure, providing access to clean resources that can be used safely and distributed without damaging pipelines.

Researchers at GTI Energy are increasing the understanding of infrastructure threats and enabling operators to improve the accuracy of inspections, predict asset performance, and calculate system risk. With safety always at the forefront, we are developing innovative new technologies and optimizing tools to effectively manage and improve day-to-day operations, prevent damage, and reduce risk.

Developing technology and information to manage assets and maintain a safe and reliable infrastructure

As the interest on addressing methane emissions and minimizing greenhouse gases continues to grow, the role of our existing infrastructure and ensuring its integrity is critical. GTI Energy, often working with the support of OTD, is developing new hardware and information tools in our infrastructure asset management program.

Empowering operators to assess pipeline integrity and manage risk

New methodologies and technologies can enable the integration of renewable energy, improve the accuracy of pipeline inspections, or reduce the costs of an integrity management program. GTI Energy is providing the tools needed to make data-driven, risk-based decisions with our work in pipeline integrity.

Key Initiatives

Storage Tanks Iso 1200x675px

Advancing Next-Generation Hydrogen Energy Storage Technology for Clean Power

H2 Underground Storage Illustration with a cow in a field next to a red barn with H2 underground storage below under the soil

Framework for Enabling Large-Scale Hydrogen Storage in Underground Reservoirs

Pipeline Aboveground

Assessing Hydrogen Compatibility in the Natural Gas Infrastructure


Net Zero Infrastructure Program: Accelerating the Net-Zero Future

GTI PipeRider 550X413

Mapping Pipeline Infrastructure with PipeRider Platform Technology


Introducing Renewable B​iogas into the Natural Gas Delivery Infrastructure

Measuring Emissions

Proactively Protecting Pipeline Infrastructure with Digital Agents

Female Engineer Looking At Tablet 425x283

Applying Artificial Intelligence to Pipeline Operations and Maintenance

two people sitting at desks in an office with computer monitors between them

Deploying Sensors to Detect and Locate Hydrogen Leaks Using Digital Twin Models

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