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Comprehensive Analysis Leads to Solid Decisions

Key decisionmakers need scientifically based data, analysis, and policy options to address complex energy issues. Quantification of public and private benefits—including energy savings, emission reductions, lower energy costs, and job creation, along with risks and alternative options—are critical.

The success of strategic plans and policies is often determined by their techno-economic impact. Correct assessment of these impacts requires credible information and impartial yet comprehensive analysis of the benefits and costs of specific energy technology development and deployment strategies. Energy decisions based on potential benefits, without science and market realities underlying the projected benefit/cost analysis, can lead to sub-optimal market or policy actions.

GTI Energy’s analytical expertise focuses on investigating energy from a viewpoint based in science, regulatory, and market realities to provide information that can lead to sound decisions. Our analysis takes into account existing and pending policy, potential economic and societal impacts to create a comprehensive investigation.

We offer:

  • Analysis of your existing business and technology issues
  • Technical market analysis
  • Development of plans for improvement
  • Benefits analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Regulatory analysis
  • Litigation support

Our goal is to assist companies, policymakers, and communities to better understand their energy options and the potential impact and cost of their choices. GTI Energy’s analysis is led by individuals that are close to energy technology and have experience with the private sector, regulators, and governmental agencies.

GTI Energy’s Technical Information Center has one of the world’s largest collections of information on natural gas technologies and related energy topics, and we can provide customized information searches from a variety of databases and other sources.

In addition, we have the capability to augment detailed analysis with testing and technical services to engineer a complete examination that goes far beyond pure economic models that are coupled with little supportable scientific and market data.

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