Carbon Management Solutions

Large-scale carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration (CCUS) demonstration projects and hubs require capture, handling, transport, use, and geologic sequestration. GTI Energy has the experience and capabilities to fully address all of these essential elements of an integrated CCUS project.

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Innovations in Carbon Dioxide Capture and Removal, Transport, Storage, and Utilization

GTI Energy is a leading technology development organization with a long-standing commitment to carbon management. With decades of collaboration experience with governments, academia, industry partners, and local communities, we develop reliable, efficient, affordable, low- and zero-carbon energy solutions that improve lives, economies, and the environment.

As demand grows for governments and companies around the world to implement decarbonization strategies, GTI Energy confronts the carbon challenge with purpose-driven research and development (R&D) and technical services in support of high-performance carbon management technologies. GTI Energy has extensive competencies and capabilities in carbon dioxide (CO2) capture, utilization and conversion into valuable products, safe and resilient transportation, and reliable CO2 storage.

Program Management

  • Design and lead large-scale R&D programs and demonstration projects as a prime contractor, managing complex private-public projects, effectively pulling together teams and securing industrial partners for commercialization and cost-share funding.
  • Extensive experience in government project proposal development, contract administration, accounting, legal matters, IP management, market development, public relations and outreach, training, and reporting.
  • Develop and deploy community, labor, and stakeholder engagement plans that include Justice40 activities and community benefits analysis.
  • Oversee federal agency National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) applications and compliance to evaluate the environmental and related social and economic effects of proposed actions.
  • Establish and manage consortiums and Joint Industry Programs/Projects (JIPs) to leverage R&D funding, knowledge, and partner experience.

Technology Development, Design, and Testing

  • Serve as project manager and/or principal investigator and execute technical tasks as a prime or sub-contractor for commercial and government projects.
  • Design, manage, and execute large-scale engineering studies, field R&D, demonstration programs, and commercial projects.
  • Act as an owner’s engineer to ensure project specification adherence by all contractors, fill resource gaps, and provide expertise.
  • Perform a wide range of laboratory studies, as well as research and technical activities including test data analysis, modeling, and reporting. Execute hazardous operations safety (HAZOP) reviews, conduct techno-economic feasibility studies, and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) studies.
  • Facilitate technology licensing and commercialization to accelerate market introduction of emerging technologies that meet performance, features, and cost requirements.
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