Carbon Capture

Carbon capture is an essential option to lower environmental footprint and it will play a prominent role in societies broader decarbonization strategies, especially when captured CO2 can be put to good use.

GTI Energy has a portfolio of solutions for capturing point source carbon dioxide from power and industrial sources, which represent almost 50% of the carbon dioxide emissions in the United States. Our wider carbon capture program includes post-combustion carbon capture, pre-combustion carbon capture, oxy-combustion, and direct air capture. Our membrane-based CO2 capture approaches are being demonstrated under real-world conditions at the National Carbon Capture Center to accelerate understanding and bring them closer to commercial scale deployment potential.

GTI Energy is also leveraging our decades of sub-surface experience for CO2 storage. Capturing CO2 and then sequestering it by permanently storing it in the earth prevents it from accumulating in the atmosphere. Our subsidiary Projeo delivers geotechnical capacity and operational/management services for underground storage projects, and applying their knowledge to early phase commercial site selection and screening studies helps de-risk sites for CO2 storage. Projeo and its management team have more than 13 years of focused experience working in commercial and federally funded subsurface CO2 Storage projects and are considered an early leader in this arena is the USA.

Consensus around the need to deploy CO2 management technology at scale is growing. CO2 capture and sequestration can be applied to a wide range of applications and the list is expanding daily. Now is the time to scale up deployment in all of these fields and continue to explore the potential for new applications. At GTI Energy, we are supporting this pathway through technology development and commercialization of our own novel approaches and industry leaders’ proprietary technology through joint industry partnerships and other collaborative platforms.

Clear, transparent, science-based frameworks for proper carbon accounting in carbon management are needed as well. Bringing stakeholders together to get to a technically grounded, consistent, and agreed-upon set of carbon accounting frameworks is essential to facilitate market development.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)-to-Value

GTI Energy is accelerating rapid innovation and deployment of biofuels and synthetic fuels technologies to fulfill long-term demand for drop-in fuels and other low-carbon solutions and growing our portfolio of technologies for direct CO2 utilization.

GTI Energy Tech Talk

Webinar: The Role of Carbon Capture and Utilization in Decarbonization

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Cost-Competitive Hydrogen Generation with Pre-Combustion Carbon Capture

Flex Fuel Power Plant

Power Plant with Flexible Fuel Carbon-Negative Power and Carbon-Free Hydrogen Co-Production

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Development of ROTA-CAP Advanced Carbon Capture Technology

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Permanent Geologic Storage of CO2

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Carbon Capture for Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) Power

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Oxy-Fired Pressurized Fluidized Bed Combustion (Oxy-PFBC) Technology to Develop Smaller Power Plants with Reduced Emissions

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Capturing Carbon with Carbo-Lock™ Hollow Fiber Contactor Technology

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