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GTI Energy works in proprietary engagements and in broader collaborative projects to reduce the time, investment and risk of getting new technology to market. We partner with the energy industry, major industrial firms, equipment manufacturers, private investors, entrepreneurial start-up companies and government agencies in our programs to develop and lead new and innovative solutions to the marketplace.

Different Solutions for Different Custo​mers

Whether you’re looking for support for your RD&D efforts, facilities for technology testing, engineering support, or solutions to energy efficiency and other challenges, GTI Energy offers experience, capabilities, and a working arrangement that’s sure to deliver maximum value.


For decades, GTI Energy has been recognized as a valued partner providing solutions that lead to emerging technologies across market sectors and service. One of our primary activities is performing contract research, development, and demonstration projects.

GTI Energy plans and manages collaborative technology development programs for the gas industry and other energy clients. We offer a consortium approach, through which a group of interested companies voluntarily fund and steer the direction of a project, while GTI Energy manages the program and performs much of the research. Through Operations Technology Development (OTD) and Utilization Technology Development (UTD), GTI Energy researchers are developing products and tools while closely engaging with LDCs and leading manufacturers to commercialize new technology.

GTI Energy’s Emerging Technology Program (ETP) feeds utility energy efficiency programs by accelerating the market introduction and acceptance of new emerging technologies by validating performance, efficiency, and reliability of new equipment.

To broaden support for natural gas R&D that benefits gas consumers, GTI Energy staff can serve as expert witnesses at rate cases and help utilities gain approval of R&D funding recovery.

Joint Industry Projects (JIPs) established by GTI Energy brings together U.S. and international companies to participate in, provide guidance to, and benefit from a project they all share an interest in.

Our specialists provide a complete spectrum of standardized and custom materials, microbiological, chemical, and analytical testing through the GTI Energy Testing Laboratories, accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA).

Leveraging our vast industry knowledge and experience, we can provide confidential technical consulting to customers in the utility industry. Whether a company needs an independent audit, assistance with technology implementation, or a review of operations to identify best practices, we can help to enhance operational efficiency and performance.

GTI Energy also offers energy industry education and training. We have trained more than 70,000 gas professionals through a variety of channels, providing flexibility to meet time and budget constraints.

Private Industry

For decades, we have been recognized as a valued partner providing solutions that lead to emerging technologies across market sectors and service at every phase of the technology development cycle, from concept to commercialization. GTI Energy provides access to facilities, hardware, and support services that can put you on the fast track to developing new energy and environmental technology. We are available to work confidentially with private industry partners to help you address technical challenges and hurdles.

Technology Investors and Commercialization Partners

With our robust capabilities, energy expertise, extensive partner networks, and an impressive intellectual property portfolio, GTI Energy is able to support a wide range of investment opportunities in the energy sector.

Join the growing list of companies that have brought GTI Energy intellectual property to market. Our intellectual property portfolio includes more than 1,300 patents and 750 licensing arrangements. To date, nearly 500 commercialized products have been developed and brought to market with GTI Energy support.

Currently, GTI Energy patents are available for commercialization in distributed energy, distribution and pipeline technology, exploration and production, energy utilization, gasification and gas processes, hydrogen and energy systems, and many other areas.

Over the years, GTI Energy has also introduced a long list of equity investments and “spin-off” companies into the marketplace. Our portfolio of companies yields competitive market returns from energy-related investments that include the commercialization of intellectual property owned or licensed by GTI Energy.

We nurture the development of business ventures during their critical start-up period, helping them to thrive and grow when they are most vulnerable. We can help establish a deployment strategy to identify and mitigate potential implementation issues, and we’re able to assemble powerful teams that can help you accomplish your technology objectives and facilitate market impact.

GTI Energy maintains one of the world's largest collections of information on natural gas technologies and related energy topics, so we can also put you in touch with all the critical data you need.

Start-Up Companies

We also nurture the development of business ventures during their critical start-up period, helping them to thrive and grow when they are most vulnerable. GTI Energy has expansive knowledge across all stages of the technology development chain. We explore an issue from many angles to bring the most robust and comprehensive solutions to market, making sure all relevant aspects are assessed.

We can help companies reach proof of concept faster and without significant infrastructure investment by offering:

  • Technical due diligence
  • Techno-economic analysis
  • Business-focused gap analysis to optimize performance
  • Broadening networks in fewer steps, shortening the time it takes to make the right connections

Government Agencies and Officials

Beyond the multitude of federal- and state-funded GTI Energy research projects that are moving energy technology development into the future, GTI Energy also has a long history of working with regulators and public utility commissions to ensure funding and compliance for technology projects. We work with gas distribution companies and public utility commissions on rate cases to secure approval of R&D funding recovery. As a result, gas companies are able to support projects that improve infrastructure, reduce operations and maintenance costs, and implement R&D efforts for increased efficiency end use – efforts that result in ratepayer cost savings.

Throughout its history, GTI Energy has worked with regulators to ensure compliance with rules affecting pipeline and distribution systems, to identify best practices for implementation, and to establish guidelines for operators in obtaining regulatory compliance.

Large Energy Consumers and Equipment Manufacturers

GTI Energy works with leaders in the steel, paper, plastics, metal finishing, aluminum, glass, food processing, heat treating, forging, and cement industry to help them develop energy-efficient technologies.

By deploying our research and technical services and facilities, GTI Energy can help you develop solutions to improve energy efficiency, lower energy intensity and consumption, reduce energy costs, and maintain a competitive edge.

GTI Energy can conduct full-scale field demonstrations to help you assess equipment performance in real-world conditions for technology optimization, or help you further an innovative energy concept to add to your product line.

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