Mission, Values & History

Mission & Objectives

GTI Energy solves important energy challenges worldwide, turning technology and insights into solutions that create exceptional value for our customers in natural gas and broader clean energy systems.

We are driven by five primary objectives:

  • Expanding supplies of affordable and clean energy
  • Ensuring safe, efficient, resilient and reliable energy infrastructure
  • Delivering solutions for efficient and environmentally responsible use of energy
  • Reducing and managing carbon emissions
  • Advancing energy systems innovations that protect air, land, water and communities while enhancing economic growth

Our Values


Nothing is more important than the safety of our employees and our customers.


We provide a diverse and inclusive environment for creative employees to learn, grow, and make a difference.


We obey the law and conduct business in a straightforward, transparent manner.


GTI’s ultimate success depends on our ability to work together in a manner that delights our customers.


We have an obligation to our customers to deliver the very best product GTI can provide.

Market Focus

We deliver solutions to customers that enable their continued success.


In April 2021, GTI launched a brand refresh to reflect our growing capabilities, expertise, and impact across energy system transitions. The name was updated from Gas Technology Institute to GTI Energy to more accurately represent the expansive reach of our work built on a legacy of natural gas research.

As a leading research and training organization, GTI Energy’s trusted team works to scale impactful solutions that shape energy transitions by leveraging gases, liquids, infrastructure, and efficiency. We embrace systems thinking, open learning, and collaboration to develop, scale, and deploy the technologies needed for low-carbon, low-cost energy systems. GTI Energy develops innovative solutions that transform lives, economies, and the environment.

In 2016, GTI celebrated our 75th anniversary, having spent the previous seven+ decades developing high-impact technologies and providing technical insight to unlock the potential of natural gas and other energy resources—making them economically and environmentally sustainable while reducing energy costs for consumers.

The organization has achieved many successes over our prolific history, focusing on initiatives aligned with important national priorities. GTI has provided innovative solutions to critical challenges along the entire gas value chain, and improved the ways of producing, transporting, and using energy to benefit the general public.

Gas Technology Institute (GTI) was formed in April 2000 by the combination of two major research and technology development organizations serving the natural gas industry—Gas Research Institute (GRI) and the Institute of Gas Technology (IGT).

GRI was founded in 1976 in response to the Federal Power Commission (FPC) encouraging increased gas research and development (R&D). GRI administered research funding provided by a surcharge on shipments of natural gas sold by the interstate pipelines. At its peak in 1994, GRI administered funds in excess of $212 million.

IGT, founded in 1941, supported the gas industry need to train graduate engineers. IGT was affiliated with the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) as a degree-granting institution from 1941 to 1994, when IGT moved off IIT’s campus to larger facilities in Des Plaines, IL.

As the gas industry evolved, IGT also evolved in parallel and focused on a world-renowned research program with support from many industry sources, including GRI.

As a result of the phasing out of GRI’s funding mechanism, the gas industry encouraged GRI and IGT to combine activities. In 2000, the GRI/IGT combination became official and today, GTI offers the strengths of both predecessors, positioned as a leading research, development and training organization serving the global natural gas industry and energy markets.

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