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Natural Gas Infrastructure and Gas Control Fundamentals

Online Self-study

This new course will provide an introductory overview to the many aspects of natural gas infrastructure facilities, control, measurement and potential AOC’s encountered by Gas Controllers.

Compressor Station Design

Online Self-study

This new course will enhance your understanding of the main systems in a single-unit compressor station and give you the confidence to make effective design decisions. You will have experience laying out major interconnecting piping and performing calculations to size equipment.

Pipeline Safety Regulatory Compliance

Online Self-study

Get a deeper understanding of how these regulations impact your operations. Find out what’s required for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of all natural gas pipelines—interstate, intrastate, and distribution.

Gas Distribution Engineering 1

Online Self-study

This core engineering training covers a wide variety of topics, which focus on materials used in natural gas piping and best practices.

Gas Distribution Operations

Online Self-study

Gain an understanding of the processes and procedures needed for reliable delivery of clean, safe natural gas to consumers.

Gas Transmission Operations

Online Self-study

Get a comprehensive overview of transmission systems when you explore the operations and design fundamentals of the main segments of a transmission system—pipeline, compressor, measurement, and regulation.

Natural Gas Field Skills


​Natural Gas Field Skills Training is a series of online training modules for field workers involved in natural gas operations and maintenance. Its aim is to help prepare field workers for safe, effective on-the-job performance and to prepare them for Operator Qualification assessments.

Fundamentals of Gas Distribution

Online Self-study

From an overview of the industry, through basic engineering and fundamental gas concepts, to an explanation of utility strategic planning activities, you’ll learn about the natural gas industry and its procedures, equipment, and regulations.

LNG Plant Operator Certification Course and Exam


From a simple explanation of LNG and how it’s processed to security, safety, and trucking, this course provides fundamental information that every employee of an LNG plant should know.

LNG Shipping and Cargo Handling


This course provides an understanding of what's involved in loading, docking, and unloading a ship carrying LNG. Security and safety are emphasized.

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