Sub-Surface Technologies (SST) Investigating and Optimizing Geological Storage and Resource Extraction

Whether for maximizing resource extraction or commodity storage, understanding geologic systems is a critical skill set. Maximizing geologic storage capacity is critical to enable the integration of renewables, contribute to grid stability, and make creation of a hydrogen economy possible. More research is needed before safe and responsible large-scale storage of hydrogen can be accomplished below ground. In addition, CO2 can also be permanently stored underground to minimize climate change impacts.


  • Design and management of large-scale field R&D and demonstrations programs
  • Joint Industry Project formation and management
  • Technology commercialization and facilitation of new technology field demonstrations
  • Laboratory studies
  • Subsurface characterization, geological modeling, and reservoir simulation
  • Techno-economic feasibility studies
  • Commercial project design and field implementation
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GTI International Deepens Capabilities in Sub-Surface Technologies with the Acquisition of Projeo Corporation

January 27, 2022

Key Initiatives

Sub Surface Scan Truck next to metal scaffolding

Sub-surface Technologies for the Generation and Production of Low-carbon Hydrogen from Hydrocarbon Resources

H2 Underground Storage Illustration with a cow in a field next to a red barn with H2 underground storage below under the soil

Framework for Enabling Large-Scale Hydrogen Storage in Underground Reservoirs

Close-up illustration of CO2 underground storage with confining rock above the CO2 storage in permeable rock

Permanent Geologic Storage of CO2

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