Sub-surface Technologies for the Generation and Production of Low-carbon Hydrogen from Hydrocarbon Resources

GTI Energy is leading projects focused on sub-surface technologies that enable the integration of hydrogen into our energy system to minimize climate change impacts.

In this feasibility study exploring generation and production of hydrogen underground, researchers will examine the available techniques for creating reactions in deep subsurface oil reservoirs to generate hydrogen.

This effort will identify the research questions and approaches that could guide future research investigations of these in-situ hydrogen production processes, and provide a techno-economic assessment to understand the economics. The research intends to inform and stimulate stakeholder thoughts around the future research needs on underground generation and production of hydrogen by addressing techno-economic challenges, societal and regulatory barriers to deployment, as well as technical advancements and investment needs for selected largescale subsurface technologies. The project is expected to kick off in 3Q 2022.

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