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Introducing GTI's Hydrogen Technology Center

Decarbonization initiatives are driving forces towards the use of low-carbon gases and fuels. Incorporating clean hydrogen as an energy carrier can leverage the nation’s existing, widespread, and robust energy infrastructure to facilitate the transition to a low-carbon future.

GTI has unparalleled experience and a long-standing commitment to hydrogen research and technology development. As an established leader in hydrogen and fuel cell technology, GTI has cross-cutting research, product development, and demonstration projects, focused on clean hydrogen production, storage, delivery, and use. Our team has provided technology-based solutions that increase optionality, affordability, and resiliency of the integrated energy system for decades.

GTI’s hydrogen technology center is a compilation of top-tier subject matter experts, thought leadership, recently upgraded labs and facilities, and the experience of decades of successful hydrogen projects. Our deep and unbiased energy industry knowledge and technical expertise enable us to develop clean energy solutions for integrated energy networks.

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GTI and EPRI are embarking on a 5-year gas/electric collaboration--with major industry support--to accelerate the development and demonstration of innovative low-carbon energy technologies to meet ambitious decarbonization goals across all sectors of the economy. 

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H2@scale: Creating the first dedicated renewable hydrogen infrastructure network

GTI is leveraging our thought leadership in a new U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) H2@Scale project. GTI, Frontier Energy, SoCal Gas, and the University of Texas at Austin are partnering with several commercial companies to design, build, and operate the first dedicated renewable hydrogen infrastructure network in Texas.

The three-year project will demonstrate the safety and reliability of a natural gas/hydrogen network and deliver a very practical, real-world result. It will integrate a wide variety of new and existing technologies, including electrolysis powered by renewable electricity, infrastructure development, hydrogen storage, vehicle fueling, and a fuel cell to provide electricity to an energy-intense data center.



GTI focuses its R&D efforts on the generation of clean hydrogen using hydrocarbon fuels that incorporate carbon capture and/or carbon sequestration in a cost-effective manner. These technology efforts are directed at both large-scale hydrogen production using natural gas feedstock, and smaller distributed hydrogen production for transportation or remote power generation using either gaseous or liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

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GTI has expertise in new storage and conversion technologies with materials development and testing. Using functional materials to store hydrogen and methane can increase gas storage capacities at lower and safe pressures. Key elements of GTI storage projects have focused on hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles.

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GTI has partnered with government and private industry to develop, evaluate, and demonstrate technologies that further the use of hydrogen (H2) as a transportation fuel by delivering infrastructure, vehicle, engine, fuel dispensing, and system solutions for clean transportation fuel cell vehicles.

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Our team has decades of expertise related to fuel specification and the acceptable property ranges for gases to be interchangeable with specific end use equipment and processes. Testing equipment under various gas compositions and assessing interchangeability parameters provide critical information regarding equipment and appliance compatibility, performance, safety, reliability, and process efficiency.

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