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GTI Energy has a long legacy of promoting energy efficiency and helping to meet growing energy demand with clean, lower-cost fuels. Our team has decades of experience in the area of gas quality, interchangeability issues and concerns, constituents that cause corrosion issues and increase risk, and materials characterization and testing. Assessments to verify equipment compatibility and performance have confirmed reliability and provided customers with the knowledge and confidence to buy.

End use equipment including home appliances, commercial cooking appliances, boilers, and industrial burners needs to be optimized for performance using non-traditional sources such as LNG, biogas, and hydrogen. GTI Energy has expertise related to fuel specification and the acceptable property ranges for gases to be interchangeable with specific end use equipment and processes. Researchers have conducted systematic laboratory testing to measure equipment performance as a function of changing gas composition and properties. Approaches begin with defining equipment sensitivity, testing equipment under various gas compositions, and assessing interchangeability parameters to provide critical information regarding equipment and appliance safety, life, and process efficiency.

Decarbonizing the Gas Grid: Opportunities and Challenges for Water Heating

2021 ACEEE Hot Water Forum May 12, 2021


  • Performance testing of end use equipment with hydrogen fuel blends
  • Cost assessment of end use equipment with hydrogen systems
  • Design and material assessment
  • Codes and standards development support
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