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Helping to decarbonize the global energy mix with increased hydrogen use

GTI Energy’s expertise in hydrogen goes back more than 60 years—our first hydrogen-related patent was issued in 1965, and GTI Energy licensed the first commercial hydrogen fuel cell system to United Technologies not long thereafter. Our 1972 publication, “A Hydrogen Energy System,” is recognized as a key historical resource in the hydrogen energy industry.

As an established leader in hydrogen and fuel cell technology, GTI Energy has unparalleled experience with initiatives focused on hydrogen generation, transport, storage, and use. We have provided technology-based solutions that increase optionality, affordability, and resiliency of the integrated energy system for decades. GTI Energy supports research and product development activities as well as demonstration projects that highlight the latest in emerging hydrogen-fueled technologies from a variety of industry partners.

Our deep and unbiased energy industry knowledge and technical expertise acquired from dozens of successful hydrogen projects position us to determine how to best use this low-carbon energy carrier for storing and “time shifting” renewable energy and leveraging the existing robust natural gas storage and delivery infrastructure to facilitate the transition to a low-carbon future.

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