Supporting the Development of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Codes and Standards

GTI has a significant track record and a long-standing commitment to hydrogen research and technology development. Our experts possess an understanding of high-pressure and cryogenic-based fueling systems as well as the breadth of safety, codes, and standards challenges associated with these products. GTI was a Founding Member and participant in the National Hydrogen Association, Secretary to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Fuel Cell Standards Committee, Advisor to the International Code Council (ICC) Hydrogen Ad Hoc Committee, and has been involved in a variety of natural gas and hydrogen codes and standards development efforts through membership in a number of standards developing organizations (SDOs) such as CSA, NFPA and ASTM. GTI participates in a number of U.S. Technical Advisory Groups and to the International Standards Organization Technical Committees developing hydrogen vehicle cylinder and fueling infrastructure standards.

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