Energy Efficiency

Expanding Efficient Natural Gas Use

The development of energy-efficient technologies is one of the quickest and most direct ways to lower energy consumption, reduce energy costs, and control greenhouse gas emissions for businesses and families.

GTI Energy develops and deploys high-efficiency natural gas technologies and provides technical insight that benefits our customers, partners, and end users. We are helping to meet growing energy demand with clean, lower-cost fuels.

Learn how natural gas technologies developed by GTI Energy and others are reducing GHG emissions and delivering energy savings in the January 2022 American Gas magazine article: Potential, Promise, and Possibility

Key Initiatives

Delivering high-impact, value-added research and technical services

laundry in residence

Analyzing Residential Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Reductions

Water Heater Spokane Field Test

Enhancing Efficiency in Space Conditioning and Water Heating

Three New Advanced Wall Furnaces Feb 2023

Improving the Performance of Wall Furnaces in California


Developing Energy Efficiency Solutions for Residential Housing

EE Bakery Furnace UTD Comm Foodservice

Creating a Suite of High-Efficiency Natural Gas Commercial Equipment and Foodservice Appliances

DOD ERDC Baseline Equip 900x495

Evaluating Systems to Improve Energy Efficiency and Resiliency for the Department of Defense

EE ETP Space Conditioning

Accelerating the Market Introduction and Acceptance of New Emerging Technologies

Success Stories

Demonstrating Natural Gas and Electric Heat Pump Systems in a Cold Climate

A side-by-side assessment of a gas engine heat pump (GHP) and electric cold climate heat pump for…

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Energy and Water Efficiency Improvements for Dishrooms in Military Dining Facilities

At the U.S. Army Garrison Presidio in Monterey, California, three dishroom technologies-waste water heat recovery, an advanced…

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LNG Interchangeability

End use equipment including home appliances, commercial cooking appliances, boilers, and industrial burners needs to be optimized…

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Commercialized Products

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