LNG Interchangeability

End use equipment including home appliances, commercial cooking appliances, boilers, and industrial burners needs to be optimized for performance using non-traditional sources such as LNG and biogas.

GTI has expertise related to fuel specification and the acceptable property ranges for natural gases to be interchangeable with specific gas end use equipment and processes.

Researchers have conducted systematic laboratory testing to measure equipment performance as a function of changing gas composition and properties. Approaches begin with defining which equipment is sensitive to fuel gas changes and needs to be studied. Protocols have been developed to test gas utilization equipment under various gas compositions, to assess interchangeability parameters, and to evaluate gas composition changes on indoor and outdoor air quality.

Efforts provide critical information regarding equipment and appliance safety and life, process efficiency, and emissions. Solutions lead to better optimized combustion systems, saving energy and reducing airborne emissions, while allowing equipment to be operated over broader ranges of gas compositions.


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