GTI Energy is addressing global energy and environmental challenges across the energy value chain

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Unconventional Oil & Gas

  • Fracturing optimization
  • Water management
  • Methane monitoring and mitigation



Gasification & Partial Oxidation

  • Raw hydrocarbons to syngas
  • Entrained flow and fluidized bed processes


Gas Processing

  • Advanced separations
  • Gas reforming and synthesis
  • Carbon capture



  • Sorbent enhanced reforming
  • Dispensing
  • Electrochemical conversion


Clean Fuels and Chemicals

  • Biomass-to-hydrocarbon fuels
  • Gas to Liquids
  •  Direct conversion of methane



Infrastructure Asset Management

  • Data analytics and AI
  • Pipeline GIS location, inspection, and maintenance
  • Methane emissions


Pipeline Integrity

  • Advanced risk models
  • Testing/analysis
  • Materials research

End Use


Energy Efficiency

  • Design and oversee EE programs
  • Industrial equipment
  • Commercial/residential appliances
  • Building envelopes


Power Generation

  • Combined heat and power
  • sCO2 power cycles
  • Oxy-PFBC process


Alternative Transportation

  • Engine development and testing
  • Modular reactor platform
  • LNG production and use – vehicle, marine and rail


Combustion Systems

  • Advanced design and modeling
  • Industrial burner development
  • Oxy combustion
  • Low NOx equipment

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