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GTI International, Inc. (GTII) is a holding company and wholly owned subsidiary of GTI Energy. Through GTII, GTI Energy is investing in an efficient, clean energy future to meet ever-escalating energy, operational, and environmental challenges.

We combine capital, technical expertise, infrastructure, and access to GTI Energy’s global network of partners and customers, advanced laboratories, unrivaled training, and resources to help companies expand and grow.

GTI International Subsidiaries

Frontier Energy, Inc. is a professional services firm with a long history of providing solutions to encourage the intelligent use of energy. The firm’s expertise includes demand-side management, software development, building research and consulting, commercial foodservice efficiency, and advanced transportation and power. Frontier Energy partners with utilities, government, and private businesses to help them conserve energy, make strides toward decarbonization, and evaluate the effectiveness of large-scale initiatives.

Projeo Corporation, acquired in 2022 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of GTI International, is a project management, field supervision, and subsurface technical services firm for clients engaged in CO2 storage, geothermal, hydrogen, oil/gas, and critical mineral projects. With a focus on deep subsurface and low-carbon projects, Projeo has decades of experience and a large portfolio of both commercial customers and government-funded projects across the U.S.

SunGas Renewables (SGR), Inc. a spin-out of GTI Energy, is taking a leading role in decarbonization through providing its S1000 renewable syngas product to third parties for renewable hydrogen and biofuels production while also developing and investing in low-carbon renewable fuels businesses. The SunGas S1000 contains pressurized fluidized bed gasification technology, originally developed by GTI Energy, integrated with other large-scale proven commercial technologies to provide an optimized and reliable green syngas manufacturing platform for production of green methanol for marine fuel, renewable natural gas, SAF, green hydrogen and other renewable biofuels from sustainably sourced biomass and wood fiber. SunGas was established in 2019 and remains a subsidiary of GTI International.

GTI Energy Affiliate

Rev Innovations Inc. was founded on the belief that energy transitions will require new solutions to consequential problems. Rev believes these efforts will require engagement with and transformation of today’s infrastructure. Further, the team considers that solutions in successful energy transitions must be not just lower-carbon but also lower-cost. Rev seeks success for its partners, colleagues, and communities.

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