Renewable Energy

As global demand for power and fuels grows, the desire to reduce greenhouse gas concentrations to sustainable levels requires that renewable energy becomes a critical portion of the energy mix.

Renewable resources can be converted into low-carbon energy and energy products with air quality and climate benefits, therefore broadening and diversifying the energy supply portfolio. Solar energy generation and storage will allow us to add more renewables, and solar technologies can be integrated into natural gas systems to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and consumption of fossil fuels.

GTI is accelerating the delivery of clean technologies around the world, identifying and developing timely options to enhance the environmental performance of energy sector industries. We have unique capabilities in alternative energy development, expanding and diversifying the supply of resources that can be used for energy security, environmental sustainability, cost savings, and quality of life.

SunGas Renewables and Hatch Create an Alliance for Design and Deployment of Biomass Gasification Systems

Key Initiatives

Delivering high-impact, value-added research and technical services

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Expanding Production and Use of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

Hybrid Solar Thermal Collector

Simultaneously Generating Electricity and Storable Heat with a Hybrid Solar Energy System

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Enlightening Policymakers and the Public About the Potential of RNG

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Addressing Gas Quality Concerns with New Testing Approaches and Monitoring Equipment

Success Stories

Commercialized Products

IH2 Pedro Jar Window

Producing Alternative Transportation Fuels From Renewable Resources With IH2

Smal Scale Liquefier Altamont LNG

Using Liquefaction Technology to Create Bio-LNG

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