Enlightening Policymakers and the Public About the Potential of RNG

Renewable natural gas (RNG) is interchangeable with natural gas and compatible with the U.S. pipeline infrastructure. RNG will utilize the vast energy storage capacity of the natural gas storage and distribution grid to provide dispatchable, on-demand renewable energy.

RNG project development in Connecticut is underway, but the general public needs greater awareness of its benefits. Anaerobic digestion and gas cleanup technology for RNG production is commercially available and proven already, but increased utilization of this technology is dependent upon further investment and legislative support.

A report produced by GTI and Quantum Biopower provided research-backed insights and information to enlighten policymakers and support state regulations under consideration that would require gas companies to ensure at least 5% of their output or services be from RNG by 2033.

The study highlighted the state’s potential capacity for 41 MW of electricity from RNG that could displace 540,000 tons of carbon dioxide. RNG offers diversity in energy resources while providing a solution for using local waste to produce renewable energy.

In Connecticut, food waste, livestock farming waste, and water treatment plant waste can be used to generate pipeline-quality natural gas. The RNG generated from all waste sources combined could provide up to 40,000 residential customers with heating or provide carbon-negative transportation fuel to thousands of passenger and heavy duty vehicles in the state.

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