Making ‘Green’ Gasoline in an Integrated Biorefinery

GTI Energy teamed up with Haldor Topsoe, UPM, Andritz, Phillips 66 with U.S. Department of Energy funding on an integrated biorefinery to make renewable “drop-in” gasoline. The project converted wood into bio-derived gasoline by combining gasification and syngas cleanup steps with a unique improved gasoline synthesis process—called TIGAS—to turn syngas into gasoline.

More than 10,000 gallons of 92-octane biogasoline were produced for fleet testing. Results were excellent—there was no difference in emissions, mileage, or engine wear, and in 2015, the green-gasoline blend was registered by EPA as an approved motor fuel.

This renewable fuel has 74% lower greenhouse gas emissions than petroleum-based fuel, and the estimated cost is $2.56 per gallon.

The TIGAS™ (Topsoe Improved Gasoline Synthesis) process is commercially available from Haldor Topsoe.

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