GTI Energy is an organization dedicated to advancing the economy-wide transformation needed to deeply decarbonize energy systems while supplying the energy needed to support rising standards of living and economic growth worldwide. GTI Energy embraces a vision for integrated, low-carbon, low-cost energy systems that leverage gases, liquids, infrastructure, and efficiency to meet the urgent challenges presented by climate change and global energy access.

With a team that includes some of the nation's top energy scientists, engineers, and thought leaders, we are helping deliver clean and resilient solutions to a growing world. GTI Energy partners with organizations around the globe to operationalize the ambitious aspirations required for the global energy transition.

GTI Energy is inviting you to join us now as we seek to enable low-carbon, low-cost integrated energy systems that leverage gases, liquids, infrastructure, and efficiency. Success requires ambition, innovation, scale, and collaboration.

GTI Innovation Pipeline

Casting a vision for energy systems

We’re curious about the role that gases, liquids, efficiency, and infrastructure will play in low-cost, low-carbon energy systems. Post-2030, there will be an array of molecules powering our energy systems with many different characteristics, but all will be low-carbon.

Operationalizing our ambition

We’ve been exploring trends that will drive energy transitions, how those trends might affect energy systems and infrastructure, and where we should invest to deliver solutions that drive these advancements.

Collaboration at scale required

We’re enabling collaboration through the Low-Carbon Resources Initiative (LCRI) by accelerating development and demonstration of low-carbon electric generation technologies and low-carbon energy carriers.

Paula Gant

President and CEO of GTI Energy

“GTI Energy has a broad and expanding portfolio of clean energy technologies and integrated solutions — including natural gas, hydrogen, biofuels, synthetic fuels, power generation, carbon capture and utilization, emissions mitigation, and infrastructure.[…] At GTI Energy, we are committed to leveraging this experience and know-how to identify pathways and accelerate transitions for new energy systems that protect the planet while enabling quality of life for the people that inhabit it.”

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Kristine Wiley

Vice President of Hydrogen Technology Center at GTI Energy

“GTI Energy is creating a framework to support the development of regional hydrogen hubs where supply and demand are matched regionally or locally while leveraging existing infrastructure to foster a clean hydrogen market at the pace needed to meet aggressive decarbonization goals.”

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Ted Barnes

Senior Director of Mobility at GTI Energy

“The rail sector and goods movement in ports are challenging applications for low-carbon energy because they often require near-continuous operation and high power levels. This project directly addresses those issues as we seek to advance technologies that can enable ports as high-throughput clusters for affordable, low-carbon hydrogen and achieve scaled demand across multiple applications.”

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