Virtual Reality (VR) Training Modules

Preparing natural gas field personnel for critical missions with a dynamic interactive simulation

With development funding from OTD, GTI provided subject matter expertise and engaged PIXO VR to develop training to better prepare utility natural gas personnel to effectively and efficiently identify and respond to emergency leak response calls with a dynamic interactive simulation.

The new Natural Gas Leak Emergency VR Training module challenges trainees working in natural gas distribution to explore a fully immersive and interactive 3D neighborhood in a highly realistic VR simulation. A wide variety of situational and environmental details can be randomized with each experience to keep trainees alert and engaged. The module was built with multi-user capabilities in mind. Scenarios can be completed cooperatively, or a trainer can join in to coach the trainee along the way.

With this training module, everything matters. The nature of the gas leak, decisions made by first responders, and changing facts on the ground all contribute to a successful or unsuccessful outcome---just as they would in real life.


VR User’s Committee and Training Webinar Series

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The Future Arrives: Virtual Reality Safety Training

Article from the Gas Utility Magazine, July 2020

New Training Modules Available

Based on overwhelming response to the first VR training module on natural gas leaks, GTI has launched a new suite of VR training modules on activities for other critical missions. They include:

  • Inside Leak Investigation
  • Outside Leak Investigation
  • Pipeline Right-of-Way Patrolling
  • Facility Locating And Marking
  • Appliance Inspection
  • Plus enhancements to the Natural Gas Leak Emergency Response module

For more information

For more information about the training, contact Ray Deatherage, GTI Senior Program Manager, Energy Delivery, or 847.768.0942

For information about training availability, contact PIXO VR at or 248.996.8298.

Key Benefits & Features


Multi-user functionality allows up to dozens of trainees to interact and collaborate in a single environment at one time—from multiple endpoints, potentially anywhere in the world.


Scenario randomization ensures trainees stay alert and engaged as they’re presented with virtually limitless potential hazards, situational details, and environmental considerations.


Real-time reporting & analytics provide actionable feedback for trainees, clear visibility into trainee performance for training managers and supervisors, and in-depth data that reveals micro- and macro-level trends that can be leveraged to improve the long-term effectiveness of training.


Photo-realistic 3D environments dissolve the barrier between virtual and actual reality and create a setting for true-to-life accuracy.


Simulated consequences and functional real-world tools put the pressure on trainees to respond quickly and become familiar with tools that will be used regularly on the job.


Replicated physics to simulate the behavior of gasses and flames for immersive realism.