Producing Alternative Transportation Fuels From Renewable Resources With IH

Shell Catalysts and Technologies is making great strides toward commercialization of the IH process licensed from GTI Energy following construction of a 5 TPD IH demonstration plant at the new Shell India Markets Pvt Ltd (SIMPL) Technology Center in Bangalore, India. IH is a catalytic thermo-chemical process that converts non-food biomass feedstocks—such as wood, agricultural residues, algae, aquatic plants, and municipal waste—directly into gasoline, jet, and diesel drop-in transportation fuels with greater than 60% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

GTI Energy experts spent significant time in Des Plaines as well as Bangalore the past year assisting with plant commissioning, leading training, and supporting optimization of operating parameters. CRI Catalyst Company (CRI) and Shell will demonstrate the conversion of municipal and agriculture waste into liquid transport fuel.

GTI Energy invented, tested, and patented the fully integrated IH technology and has an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with CRI Catalyst Company (CRI). CRI has signed more than 10 licensing agreements for preliminary engineering assessments. One with New Delhi-headquartered Sunlight Fuels will develop detailed engineering on a plant that would convert sugarcane bagasse into transportation fuels.

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DOE funding enabled rapid development of the IH technology from initial proof-of-principle experiments through continuous testing in a 50 kg/day pilot plant, and provided support for engineering work to design a 1 ton/day demonstration unit and techno-economics for a commercial-scale 2,000 ton/day unit.

Researchers are providing ongoing technical and commercialization support at GTI Energy’s IH process pilot plant. To date, 12 U.S. and 87 international patents have been awarded on the technology.

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