Producing Alternative Transportation Fuels (including SAF) From Renewable Resources With IH2®

As global demand for power and fuels grows, liquid fuels and gases will play an impactful role in achieving net-zero emissions. Renewable energy feedstocks are available in plentiful supply, offering a versatile portfolio of low-carbon options to address hard-to-decarbonize sectors, including heavy-duty transport.

GTI Energy and Shell Catalysts and Technologies (Shell C&T) have made great strides toward commercial readiness of the IH process. The 5 ton per day (TPD) IH demonstration plant at the new Shell India Markets Pvt Ltd (SIMPL) Technology Center in Bangalore, India, has operated reliably for hundreds of hours converting woody biomass into transportation fuels. IH is a catalytic thermo-chemical process that converts non-food biomass feedstocks—such as wood, agricultural residues, algae, aquatic plants, and municipal waste—directly into SAF (sustainable aviation fuel), gasoline, and diesel drop-in transportation fuels with greater than 60% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

GTI Energy invented, tested, and patented the fully integrated IH technology and has an exclusive worldwide licensing agreement with Shell C&T.

U.S. Department of Energy funding enabled rapid development of the IH technology in the early stages, from initial proof-of-principle experiments through continuous testing in GTI Energy’s 50 kg/day pilot plant, followed by continued development together with Shell C&T. The cumulative operation timeline of the pilot plant exceeds 15,000 hours. This has been the basis for the early engineering work to design commercial-scale plants.

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GTI Energy’s IH 50 kg/day pilot-scale plant operates extended test campaigns to characterize and optimize process conditions to produce a range of distillate fuels from a variety of biomass resources. This highly instrumented facility, offering innovative sampling and analytical systems and comprehensive diagnostic capabilities to support parametric testing, is available to outside users for systems testing.

To date, 12 U.S. and 87 international patents have been awarded on the technology.

Please direct commercial inquiries to Shell C&T.

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