Cool GTLSM—a Low-Cost System for Converting CO2-Rich Natural Gas to Fungible Liquids

The overall Cool GTLSM process integrates a new, lower temperature, natural gas reforming process (Cool Reforming) and a novel Fischer-Tropsch (F-T) reactor to make high-quality hydrocarbon liquids.

The new Cool Reforming process can take CO2-laden natural gas and convert it to synthesis gas with a 2:1 hydrogen to carbon ratio—precisely proportioned for optimal liquids production. This lower-temperature process is free of emissions because all CO2 captured is reused and incorporated into liquid fuel.

The Cool Reforming process is the front end of a Cool GTL process that integrates it with the F-T reactor and converts biogas to biojet fuels efficiently and affordably. The F-T reactor generates no waxes, providing more usable fuel from the feedstocks produced from the front-end reforming process.

When added to IH2® technology for conversion of biomass to drop-in gasoline and diesel fuels, Cool GTL increases biogenic liquid yields by 40%.

Following successful demonstration, GTI Energy is leading a team on a DOE project to build and operate a fully integrated, fully automated Cool GTL pilot-scale test unit to validate the process at a larger scale. It will run 24/7 with a goal to produce 100 gallons of high-quality jet fuel.


  • Modular, low-cost GTL
  • Small footprint
  • Great economics
  • Distributed plant locations
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Webinar: Turning a liability into an asset: Creating liquid transportation fuels from CO2, natural gas, or RNG

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