Cool GTL℠—a Low-Cost System for Converting CO2-Rich Natural Gas to Fungible Liquids

The overall Cool GTL℠ process integrates a new, lower temperature, natural gas reforming process (Cool Reforming) and a novel Fischer-Tropsch (F-T) reactor to make high-quality hydrocarbon liquids. The Cool GTL℠ system greatly simplifies the front-end of the Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) train, a critical cost-constrained area. The new F-T reactor generates no waxes, providing more usable fuel from the feedstocks produced from the front-end reforming process.

The Cool GTL℠ process provides a way to convert CO2-containing natural gas to fungible gasoline and diesel liquids efficiently and cheaply. Cool GTL can also be used for converting biogas to liquids. When added to IH2® technology for conversion of biomass to drop-in gasoline and diesel fuels, it increases biogenic liquid yields by 40%.

GTI has completed 500 hours of reformer testing which show excellent catalyst stability to directly produce synthesis gas with a 2/1 H2 to CO ratio. Tests have also shown high-liquids yields from the Fischer Tropsch reactor and the utility of an integrated backend conversion unit, which eliminates the waxes and simultaneously isomerizes the gasoline and diesel fraction. An alternative design being tested combines F-T wax cracking and isomerization into one fluidized bed reactor. The long-term stability of the integrated system needs to be demonstrated with high-conversion per pass and low recycle. Longer-term integrated testing is required to demonstrate the stability of the catalyst.


  • Low cost
  • Efficient
  • Modular process

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