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To address the many challenges and opportunities in our energy future, GTI Energy is launching a hydrogen technology center with world-class R&D capabilities to enable the hydrogen economy through low-carbon production, promoting use in industry and buildings, ensuring safe compatibility with the existing natural gas delivery infrastructure, and advancing usage in transportation.

2023 - 2022

GTI Energy Tech Talk

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  • Blending Hydrogen into the Gas Grid: What are the Impacts Behind the Meter?
  • Advancing Transparency in Hydrogen Markets
  • Clean Transportation: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles (and Trucks)


GTI Energy Tech Talk

Free Webinar Recordings

  • Meeting the Demand for Low-carbon Hydrogen Resources
  • Gasification Pathways to Deliver Hydrogen, Renewable Natural Gas, and Other Clean Fuels at Scale
  • Road to Zero: Low Carbon Energy Systems—The Role of Hydrogen



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