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The energy industry is in the midst of significant transformations. Technological innovation has produced an unprecedented abundance of affordable and clean energy supplies, with natural gas, efficiency, and renewable resources each playing essential roles in this dramatic transition. While great progress has been made, the ultimate set of solutions to meet global decarbonization goals will rely on technologies that do not exist today. Disruptive advances are needed to revolutionize the way energy is produced, trans­ported, stored, and consumed.

GTI is leveraging our technical expertise to develop innovative solutions that provide pathways to low-carbon, low-cost energy. Our new GTI Tech Talk webinar series will explore trends driving the evolution of energy markets and spotlight breakthrough technologies that hold promise to minimize environmental impact and support economic growth around the world.

The monthly 30-minute GTI Tech Talk webinars will provide quick-hitting insights on important issues across the breadth of the energy industry and offer a brief overview of our current activities. Connect with colleagues from across the industry in an open discussion and Q&A session following each presentation.

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Turning a liability into an asset: Creating liquid transportation fuels from CO2, natural gas, or RNG - November 10, 2020

Terry Marker discusses Gas-to-Liquid Fuels

Energy resources to produce clean fuels are available in plentiful supply, and innovative technology can unlock their potential in environmentally sustainable ways. Processes that economically convert natural gas, ethane, and biogas into liquid fuels and synthesize them with captured CO2 can significantly reduce emissions.

A new low-cost system developed by GTI can take CO2 and use it to create high-quality hydrocarbon liquids, driving a modern revolution in the way transportation fuels are produced. Learn how Cool GTLSM is on the road to becoming commercially viable within the next 5-7 years.

Planned 2021 Sessions

  • Renewable Natural Gas (January 2021)
  • Innovation in Gas Distribution Technology (February 2021)
  • Carbon Capture and Recycling (March 2021)
  • Hydrogen (April 2021)
  • Biomass Conversion (May 2021)

Past Sessions

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Advanced Methane Detection Platforms - October 13, 2020

The energy industry is focused on detecting and minimizing methane emissions to continue enhancing environmental performance. New, advanced ways of detecting and quantifying methane that combine both established and new technologies with advanced software are being developed on a continual basis. The sheer number of new offerings has made effectively implementing the new technologies a daunting task.

In this conversation, GTI will provide insight on the latest innovations in methane detection and quantification along with ways to determine and validate the proper use cases for these new complex systems.


Digitalization and Geospatial Innovation in the Energy Industry - September 15, 2020

As energy systems evolve, information technology and digitalization trends will create persistent disruptions. These tools progress rapidly while enabling a variety of advanced analytics. How can the energy industry capture this knowledge to take advantage of these new tools? What are all these new terms, like AI, machine learning, or deep learning, and how can energy system operators use them to their benefit? In this conversation, GTI will discuss new ways to make informed decisions and enable the energy industry to seize the opportunities that digital transformation offers. Sign up for access to the Tech Talk recording.

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