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The Outlook for Hydrogen in an Evolving Energy Landscape

February 3, 2023  |  10 – 10:45 am CST

Hydrogen has great potential to play a major role in meeting international energy and climate goals. The International Energy Agency’s (IEA’s) Global Hydrogen Review 2022 provides data on hydrogen’s worldwide status and future prospects.

IEA Energy Technology Analyst José Miguel Bermúdez Menéndez will share his perspective on hydrogen’s progress in infrastructure development, trade, policy, regulation, investments and innovation over the past year. GTI Energy’s Kristine Wiley, Vice President, Hydrogen Technology Center, will guide the discussion.

Join us along with other decisionmakers to get expert insight on the market to fine-tune strategies to create demand, attract investment, and facilitate deployment of hydrogen technologies.


Links Referenced in the Session

IEA Global Hydrogen Review 2022

IEA Energy Technology Perspectives 2023

Future Focused Guest Speaker

Future Focused Moderator

IEA Jose Miguel Bermudez Menendez

José Miguel Bermúdez Menéndez

José Miguel Bermúdez Menéndez is an Energy Technology Analyst at the International Energy Agency (IEA), where he coordinates the analytical work of the IEA in hydrogen technologies. He is also the coordinator of the Clean Energy Ministerial Hydrogen Initiative. José has more than 15 years of professional experience, working in research, innovation and energy policy in the areas of hydrogen, bioenergy and alternative fuels.

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GTI Energy Kristine Wiley

Kristine Wiley

As Vice President of GTI Energy's Hydrogen Technology Center, Kristine Wiley works to synchronize deep industry knowledge and technical expertise, as well as large-scale labs and research facilities, to integrate the use of hydrogen into energy systems. In her role, she brings together public-private partnerships to facilitate R&D and enable the transition to low-carbon, low-cost energy systems.

Kristine has been working in the energy industry for nearly two decades with a continued focus on technological innovation and reducing climate impacts. She holds a BA in Biological Sciences and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

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