Demystifying Hydrogen Emissions

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In light of historic investment in hydrogen, it’s more important than ever for the energy industry to understand hydrogen’s true climate impact.

Hydrogen is slated to play a central role in decarbonizing the economy. As billions of dollars begin to flow into hydrogen projects all over the globe, it is critical for the energy industry to understand how hydrogen interacts with the atmosphere and climate.

GTI Energy has established HyRes, a Hydrogen Emissions Research Consortium, to build a foundation of sound, science-based information on hydrogen emissions and their climate impacts.

Building a Foundation of Hydrogen Emissions Knowledge

Building upon GTI Energy’s expertise in hydrogen technologies and practices, HyRes will harmonize existing hydrogen emissions research, facilitate new scientific investigations, and convene stakeholders across the hydrogen supply, transportation, and use chains.

The initiative will also develop protocols and plans for the most accurate hydrogen emissions inventories possible, with a focus on evaluating and working across organizations to develop tools for measuring hydrogen emissions. This data will ultimately allow companies across hydrogen value chains to be leaders in decarbonization.


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Facilitating an Informed Transition to a Hydrogen Economy

HyRes aims to provide the knowledge needed to ensure an environmentally sound transition to a hydrogen economy through the following objectives:

  • Unifying Climate Science: Organize and interpret the foundational science behind fugitive hydrogen's atmospheric climate impacts.
  • Charting Research Priorities: Develop a mission-critical research roadmap addressing hydrogen emissions and their climate ramifications.
  • Quantifying Emissions: Establish comprehensive hydrogen emission inventories for precise tracking.
  • Precision Measurement Tools: Forge a robust suite of measurement and reconciliation tools for rigorous analysis.
  • Real-world Emissions Metrics: Execute real-world measurements to gauge the actual impact of hydrogen emissions.
  • Rigorous Protocols: Develop protocols and plans to create the most accurate hydrogen emission inventories possible.

GTI Energy’s Leadership in Hydrogen Research

GTI Energy is deeply involved in hydrogen research and development, with close collaborations already established in industry, research, and academia.

Get Involved

HyRes is convening a broad range of members involved in hydrogen research and development to gather information, foster communications, harmonize related efforts, and share knowledge via participation in related industry events.

Members will receive email updates on our research progress every two months and will be invited to participate in at least one virtual and one in-person meeting or workshop each year.


To learn more about the initiative and how you can join our premier team, contact