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Videos Detailing the Basics of Methane Measurement Uncertainty

The CMR is pleased to expand our work on methane measurement uncertainty by providing a two-part video series. In the videos, GTI Energy’s Dr. Zach Weller explains the basics of uncertainty and uncertainty quantification as it pertains to methane emissions. Dr. Weller is well known for his ability to break down the difficult to understand topic of uncertainty in a way that is easy to understand. Please feel free to reach out to the CMR (methane@gti.energy) with any questions.

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Case Study on New Mexico Methane Strategy – EMNRD Methane Waste Rule

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The U.S. EPA is considering changes to the Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program

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Recent study points out inequities in numbers of leaks across urban areas


The Center for Methane Research (CMR) provides a centralized, industry-wide technical and policy support resource focused on the presence, measurement, and potential impacts of methane in the atmosphere, highlighting the interconnected role of natural gas production, delivery, and use.

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