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As global organizations accelerate their decarbonization strategies, hydrogen has emerged as a promising alternative for hard-to-decarbonize sectors. The success and widespread acceptance of hydrogen will require precise measurements and enhanced understanding of the fuel’s carbon intensity. But the technical protocols and tools have yet to be developed, leaving a gap that undermines the commoditization and consistent calibration of this critical energy source.

The Open Hydrogen Initiative (OHI), led by GTI Energy, S&P Global Commodity Insights and the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), an international cohort of energy sector professionals, will meet this need by building consistent, transparent, and technical measurement protocols, and a tool for calculating emissions of a given kilogram of hydrogen at the facility level. The group will convene a broad range of stakeholders involved in the hydrogen marketplace—including technical experts from hydrogen production companies, emissions verifiers, gas utilities and operators, power utilities and operators, environmental NGOs (eNGOs), government agencies, and the banking industry—to bring more transparency that will help harmonize the market, contextualize climate solutions, advance transparency and support the development of a globally traded hydrogen market.

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About OHI

Blue hydrogen. Green hydrogen. Turquoise hydrogen? Hydrogen’s carbon intensity is often associated with a color representing the method by which hydrogen is produced, based on the associated emissions profile at generation.

Here’s the problem: molecules of hydrogen have highly variable carbon footprints, and this commonly used “color-wheel” approach does not consider or convey variable factors affecting the emissions profile, such as energy consumption or feedstock. The hydrogen “color-wheel” approach was a helpful tool in the early days of measuring emissions impacts of hydrogen. But as net-zero commitments ramp up, more sophisticated tools are needed to better capture the carbon intensity of a given kilogram of hydrogen production. An inability to effectively measure a given molecule of hydrogen potentially diminishes the maximum value of hydrogen investments in decarbonization strategies. Now that organizations are leveraging hydrogen applications as part of their net-zero commitments, an elevated measurement solution is needed.

To improve transparency and advance the development of a credible and globally traded hydrogen market, OHI will leverage the knowledge base of its technical experts to develop open-source protocols for measuring the carbon intensity of hydrogen at the asset level.

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OHI News

Hydrogen has the potential to play an important role in decarbonizing energy-intensive sectors, but credible and open-source protocols are needed to vet the environmental credibility of a specific production pathway, given the variability even among the same technologies. Learn how OHI is working to redefine how the world measures and benchmarks the carbon intensity of hydrogen production at the asset level.


The Open Hydrogen Initiative (OHI) to form a new collaboration to protect transparency and investments across hydrogen markets. OHI will bring together a diverse mix of experts, including market participants, to develop solutions to measure the carbon intensity of hydrogen production. Importantly, these solutions will be applicable at the asset level.

Put simply, the outputs of the OHI project will measure the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production of a given unit of hydrogen using asset-level user inputs, onsite sensing and data collection.

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