Kristine Wiley Named Director of GTI’s Hydrogen Technology Center

May 14, 2020
Des Plaines, IL
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Director, GTI's Hydrogen Technology Center, Kristine Wiley

Kristine Wiley has been named Director of the Hydrogen Technology Center at GTI, which encompasses top-tier subject matter experts, thought leadership, recently upgraded labs and facilities, and decades of experience. GTI has successfully executed dozens of hydrogen projects at facilities across the nation and around the world, and has established the Hydrogen Technology Center to facilitate increased use of hydrogen in an integrated energy system to meet the challenges of decarbonization.

In this role, Kristine will serve as the leader for the Hydrogen Technology Center and related business activities, working across GTI to synchronize deep industry knowledge and technical expertise to serve our customers and stakeholders. The Hydrogen Technology Center will bring together public-private partnerships to determine how to best use this low-carbon energy carrier for storing and “time shifting” renewable energy and leveraging the existing robust natural gas storage and delivery infrastructure to facilitate the transition to a low-carbon future.

“Kristine has extensive hands-on experience in assessing and minimizing environmental impacts and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Along the way, she has built strong client relationships and established a solid reputation in the industry,” says Mike Rutkowski, GTI Senior Vice President, Research and Technology Development. “I am confident she will help GTI build upon our unparalleled experience and technology development capabilities to enable a hydrogen economy and deliver clean energy solutions.”

Kristine’s career spans nearly two decades at GTI, where most recently she served as an R&D Director responsible for GTI’s Environmental, Risk, and Integrity Management R&D programs, leading industry collaborative research focused on developing solutions for the detection and mitigation of methane emissions from the natural gas industry.

Previously, she held positions of increasing responsibility working closely with the energy industry on issues ranging from utility operations and environmental compliance to exploring the use of low-carbon fuels. She has also led industry initiatives on the introduction, impacts, and use of renewable natural gas (RNG), working closely with utilities, pipeline operators, regulators, and other stakeholders to provide technologies and guidance for the integration of RNG into the existing gas infrastructure.

Kristine holds a BA in Biological Sciences from the University of Chicago as well as an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

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