Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs: Advancing the Hydrogen Ecosystem Across the U.S.

Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs can serve as the foundation for a national network of commercially viable hydrogen while delivering unprecedented economic benefits to communities like cleaner air and improved public health, high-paying jobs, and community-based grants for business growth in disadvantaged areas. The U.S. Department of Energy will invest billions in the development of hydrogen hubs across the country to advance the hydrogen economy and accelerate the clean energy transition.

In response, multistate coalitions in various regions of the country are creating diverse teams across every phase of the hydrogen value chain to drive a robust energy future for our nation. Comprised of public and private entities, these organizations will bring together low-carbon energy resources, existing energy infrastructure, and proximity to regional markets in integrated hydrogen networks at scale. Hydrogen hubs are a united effort to develop clean hydrogen infrastructure that will expand market access and combat climate change while ensuring that 40% of the overall benefits of federal investments flow to disadvantaged communities overburdened by pollution.

GTI Energy is bringing its deep expertise and unwavering commitment to hydrogen technology research and development, five decades of hydrogen technology deployment initiatives, and long legacy of collaborative public-private leadership skills to bear on several regional clean hydrogen hubs that have been selected by the U.S Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations to begin award negotiations.

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