Environmentally Prudent Development of Unconventional Resources

Energy resources to produce clean fuels are available in plentiful supply, and technology is key in unlocking unconventional gas resource potential in an environmentally and economically sustainable way. As development occurs throughout the world, it opens up tremendous opportunities for energy security and reduced climate change risk. GTI Energy is providing new tools, data, practices, and thought leadership to ensure the safe, economical, and responsible development of global shale gas.

GTI Energy formed and manages the Hydraulic Fracturing Test Site (HFTS) program funded by the DOE and 26 industry partners. HFTS-1 is located in the Midland portion of the Permian basin and HFTS-2 is located in the Delaware portion of the Permian basin.

GTI Energy has developed proprietary technologies for improving hydraulic fracturing effectiveness to maximize recoveries from unconventional wells. PerfExtra is one example of these technologies. Our method promotes breakdown of non-productive perforations and an increase in stimulated rock volume to achieve higher efficiencies.

GTI Energy’s new PropLog is a low risk, low-cost patented technology used to identify existing un-stimulated or un-drained sections of a reservoir for targeting tailored completions. Data is generated by quantifying the accurate size and concentration of proppant particles contained in drilling mud.

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) technologies are crucial for supporting energy systems transition by providing the potential for doubling Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR) from existing assets. GTI Energy is performing fundamental research on developing sustainable and environmentally friendly EOR technologies for unconventional formations. We have a lab facility capable of performing core flooding, aging, saturation evaluation, and evaluation of the incremental oil recovery.

Permian Basin

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