Developing DOE CarbonSAFE CO2 Geologic Storage Sites

GTI Energy, along with our subsidiary Projeo Corporation, is leading a team on a DOE Carbon Storage Assurance Facility Enterprise (CarbonSAFE) Phase II project in Sutter County to determine the storage complex feasibility of the central Sacramento basin in northern California. Developing CO2 geologic storage sites is crucial to reduce the impact of climate change and meet net-zero climate goals.

The effort will drill a new stratigraphic test well to obtain needed characterization data to assess technical and economic feasibility. An integrated public outreach program will engage communities and address societal impacts to advance environmental justice and equity tenets.

This project will demonstrate the viability of more widespread adoption of CO2 capture and storage in similar formations across the Sacramento basin by clarifying projects risks, planning mitigation/monitoring and transport, analyze contractual and regulatory requirements, and develop future work plans and UIC Class VI applications.

In addition, Projeo was recently awarded $38 million from DOE for The Phoenix Project in the Permian basin of West Texas, and GTI Energy will be collaborating on this initiative. The project intends to demonstrate the feasibility of safely converting a mature oil and gas field into a dedicated CO2 storage facility with a study of subsurface conditions, detailed site characterization, planning, and permitting.

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