Pipeline Integrity

Empowering operators to assess and manage risk

Natural gas utilities face numerous challenges in maintaining the integrity of their systems, and new tools, methodologies and technologies can improve the accuracy of integrity inspections or reduce the costs associated with implementing an integrity management program. Industry needs to make data-driven, risk-based decisions for critical infrastructure to address risk management and mitigation issues.

Data and integrity management are a core focus at GTI Energy. We are developing and evaluating technology, protocols, models, and training to help LDCs meet pipeline and distribution integrity management requirements.

GTI Energy’s world-renown experts have specialized technical capabilities, along with extensive laboratories, proprietary databases, and data visualization capabilities to enhance the level of understanding of threats to infrastructure and allow operators to predict asset performance, calculate system risk, and maximize safety. Our researchers are using advanced modeling and analysis tools to transfer this body of knowledge into a useful set of tools.

Key Initiatives

Delivering high-impact, value-added research and technical services

Pipeline Aboveground

Assessing Hydrogen Compatibility in the Natural Gas Infrastructure

Cast Iron Pipe

Leading Cast Iron Mains Replacement Programs

Quality Audit Process Checklist

Collaborative Supplier Monitoring for Quality Processes

Pipeline Safety Management System New Approach 900x646

Creating a Process-Based Approach to Pipeline Safety Management Systems

Surface To Bulk

Providing Alternative Inspection and Test Methods

Pipe Integrity GW Set Up

Empowering Operators to Assess and Manage Risk

GNSS SmartPole With Technician 1601x1049.jpg

Facilitating Greater Understanding of GNSS Geospatial Technology

GTI PipeRider 550X413

Mapping Pipeline Infrastructure with PipeRider Platform Technology

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