Facilitating Greater Understanding of GNSS Geospatial Technology

The GNSS Consortium project objective is to facilitate sharing of information related to the use of GNSS technology. The GNSS Consortium is a cost-effective way for any geospatial user to understand better this rapidly growing technology and how it can best be applied in daily operations to create operational efficiencies, enhance regulatory compliance, and improve the quality of field-collected data. The program activities include technology development and integration, workshops, pilot projects, demonstrations, best practices/standards development, and general information sharing. Over the last several years, the GNSS Consortium has focused on technology development that will reduce the cost and complexity of deploying GNSS for routine construction and O&M activities.

Facilitate sharing of information related to the use of GNSS technology

  • Technology Development and Integration
  • Technology Evaluation and Performance Testing
  • Workshops and Training Courses
  • Pilot Projects and Demonstrations
  • Best Practices and General Information Sharing