Deploying Sensors to Detect and Locate Hydrogen Leaks Using Digital Twin Models

GTI Energy is working with NREL to develop a hydrogen sensor network. A digital twin of a hydrogen facility is being built by combining algorithms on vibration and other sensor technologies, to simulate the location and severity of leaks to help optimize sensor placement.

In this project, a simulated model of the pilot area will first determine where to place the sensors, and the data is being used—trained—to identify when leaks are occurring in the virtual environment first, so that the model can identify leaks when they happen in real life.

GTI Energy is doing a lot of work overall in building out digital solutions to better enable transitions as we are heading into a period where it is not clear what future energy systems will look like. To make different technologies interoperable, we are developing various digital twins and simulations to assess what’s going to happen as we begin to integrate parts of our energy systems that have not previously been used together.

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