GTI Energy’s Patented U-GAS® Technology

GTI Energy’s patented U-GAS® technology enables large-scale production of renewable fuels, clean chemicals, and power from low-carbon feedstocks.

The single-stage, fluidized-bed gasification process operates at high efficiency with low emissions to convert various feedstocks into low-to-medium heating value syngas which is then used as a building block to produce or co-produce process heat, hydrogen, renewable natural gas, gaseous or liquid transportation biofuels, or chemicals.

This advanced gasification process has been tested with over 25 different feedstocks from around the world, including various forms of biomass such as peat, biomass, pulp mill residues, and wastes.

U-GAS has been commercially deployed and operational for 30+ years in multiple facilities internationally. In 2019, SunGas Renewables Inc. (SunGas) was established as a subsidiary of GTI International to take its U-GAS technology to market. SunGas is a full-service clean energy supplier that designs, fabricates, delivers, and commissions complete gasification systems to enable large-scale production of low-carbon fuels. SunGas has evolved significantly from the foundational research and technology developed by GTI Energy to forming critical partnerships to commercialize low-carbon solutions for the market with speed and at scale.

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