Optimizing U-GAS® Applications

GTI Energy’s patented U-GAS® is an advanced, single-stage, fluidized-bed gasification process. It operates at high efficiency with low emissions to produce low- to medium-Btu gas from various feedstocks, including all ranks of coal and coal/biomass blends. The synthesis gas can be used to produce power, chemicals, or fuel.

Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc. (SES) held an exclusive global license for U-GAS for coal gasification applications through October 2020. SES worked with GTI Energy on the design of a U-GAS gasification plant in Zaozhuang City, China, to process waste coal. The Hai Hua $25 million syngas production plant began operation in early 2008. A $250 million integrated coal-to-methanol plant was constructed in Henan Province in China through a joint-venture agreement between SES and Yima Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd. The plant first produced methanol in late 2012.

The U-GAS technology has been licensed for use in the metals industry with seven units commissioned in 2015 and 2016, bringing the total number of installations to over a dozen units for chemicals and metallurgical processes in China.

Multiple coal gasification test campaigns have been performed in GTI Energy's pilot-scale gasification campus in Des Plaines, Illinois. GTI Energy offers the U-GAS technology for licensing to prospective commercial project owners globally. We are available to provide technical support to characterize the gasification properties of prospective fuels, conduct process simulations in support of new projects and applications, execute testing at our 20-ton-per-day pilot test facility at pressures up to 15 bar. We can characterize gasification performance with any feedstock of interest and assist in the design review of new U-GAS plants for commercial projects.

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