Leading the Research, Development, and Testing of Technologies Related to Plastic Piping Systems

For 60+ years, GTI Energy has been providing expertise regarding plastic pipe and piping products. Legacy developments include new equipment, tools, instruments, techniques and guidelines for safe and efficient installation and maintenance of plastic pipe. GTI Energy has published more than 300 reports, technical papers, and studies on plastic pipe topics.

GTI Energy has a history of helping manufacturers reduce costs, enhance their products, and improve the safety of their systems, and newly established master service agreements are building on these achievements.

We can leverage our expertise in field failure analysis to investigate the root cause of pipe and component failures and offer a comprehensive menu of ASTM tests and custom testing procedures.

Ongoing initiatives are looking at ways to introduce plastics into new safety-related systems and enhancing heat fusion processes in order to reduce long-term system risk. We’re also developing unique approaches to lifetime prediction and plastic pipe system modeling. GTI Energy is working on several projects that utilize dynamic testing methods for polymeric materials and is acquiring sophisticated new equipment that will ultimately provide more detailed material behavior models at less cost to the end users.

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