Clock Spring Composite Sleeves for Pipeline Repair

Clock Spring is a system of related fiber-glass and resin matrix products used to repair defects in pipes, arrest ductile fractures in high-pressure pipelines, reinforce dents or other mechanical defects in high-pressure pipelines, protect pipe at support location, and repair defects in low-pressure pipelines.

In 1987, Gas Research Institute (GRI) assembled a distinguished team of pipeline professionals and research organizations to direct a comprehensive program to verify the effectiveness, durability, and performance characteristics of a repair that permanently restores the serviceability of the pipe.

The decade-long testing program, which assumed worst case conditions, included extensive burst testing, stress rupture tests, field validations, cathodic shielding testing, and cathodic disbandment test. This complete, accurate, and verifiable technical evidence was submitted to the DOT, which changed their language in the year 2000 to recognize Clock Spring as a permanent repair.

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