Breakaway Fitting

A breakaway disconnect/shut-off fitting to enhance gas system safety is a low-cost option to reduce risk to aboveground Meter Set Assemblies (MSAs) when impacted by outside forces, such as vehicular impact or snow and ice falling from building roofs. The breakaway fitting supported by Operations Technology Development (OTD) is now being brought to market as the HaloValve by Enerdine, a natural gas equipment manufacturer working closely with GTI and OPW Engineered Systems..

The breakaway fitting can be installed directly to new and existing meter sets to stop the flow of gas when impacted and reduce the risk of a leak, fire, explosion, and/or property damage. Field testing at several U.S. utilities received very positive feedback.

The technology received a National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) Natural Gas Innovation Award in November 2018.

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