Leveraging information technology tools to help gas utilities effectively manage and improve day-to-day operations

GTI’s solution-based focus helps operators collect the right information, in real time, with a high level of accuracy, and incorporates leading edge technologies such as global positioning systems (GPS) / global navigation satellite systems (GNSS), artificial intelligence, machine learning, wireless devices, and communication within the Internet of Things (IoT). The high-quality data collected supports risk analysis to drive effective organizational decisionmaking.

GTI developed and began field testing of the Smart Pole Technology, an automated system to capture high-accuracy GNSS locating data. The GNSS smart automation (GSA) equipment developed with OTD support dramatically reduces operator errors in the field data collection process. A second phase is underway, working closely with a number of utilities on field demonstrations and technology enhancements as the hardware is being optimized for the marketplace.

Tools to provide advanced warning and improved accuracy to locate and identify potential underground conflicts and third-party damage are also being developed and commercialized. A cutting-edge Excavation Encroachment Notification (EEN) system that provides real-time feedback and alerts during digging activity is being commercialized and will be marketed as UtilAlert™ by Hydromax USA, LLC.


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