SENSIT Technologies Ultra-Trac® APL, Ultra-Trac® MJL, PMD, and IRED

GTI associates, with funding from OTD, are collaborating closely with colleagues at SENSIT Technologies to bring new hardware that reduces O&M costs to market.

Methane monitoring tools, comprised of a network of remote sensors connected wirelessly via phone or tablet to provide information about methane concentration at multiple points at a leak site, have been developed and field testing and demonstrations are underway with first responders. A utility measurement use case is assessing semi-permanent longer-range wireless access for utilities to monitor leaks over time. Sensit Technologies has signed a license to commercialize the technology and is working closely with operators to design and test a prototype that meets their needs.

The Sensit PMD (portable methane detector) uses optical-detection technology to improve the efficiency of walking leak surveys and can detect a few ppm to 100% methane. The PMD device offers sensitivity and cost advantages over conventional techniques employing flame ionization detectors.

The handheld acoustic-based pipe locator, named the Ultra-Trac® APL, is used to detect and locate both metallic and nonmetallic buried gas and sewer pipes prior to excavations and construction to reduce potential damage and the resulting incidents that can cause customer outages.

The Ultra-Trac® MJL (metallic joint locator) provides an easy way to locate cast-iron joints, chill rings in welded steel pipe, metallic tapping tees, metallic flanges, and metal repair clamps.

The IRED Infrared Portable Ethane Detector, an easy-to-use handheld tool, was developed for use in the field to discriminate natural gas leaks from other sources of methane (e.g., swamp gas, landfill gas, and engine exhaust) and detect trace levels of ethane. The detection of ethane can be used as a fingerprint for natural gas in situations where the origin of a methane leak signal is questioned.

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