Field Applied Pipeline Coatings Workshop

Selecting the best system for controlling steel pipe corrosion on a particular pipeline is often a very difficult task. GTI offers a workshop that provides data on coating performance from a $4 million, 9-year research project to establish an unbiased basis for owners and operators to make informed decisions in selecting the most effective field-applied coating systems. Attendees will learn how to practically apply this data on the pipelines they own or manage from two industry experts who were involved with this project from start to finish.

The field performance data includes specific surface preparation and application requirements for each joint, as well as quantitative test data in areas that include adhesion and peel strength, hardness, impact resistance, penetration resistance, abrasion resistance, cathodic disbondment resistance, blistering, wrinkles, dents, rust formation, holiday detection, and film thickness.

"…I believe there is tremendous value in the vast data acquired. I believe this information and testing has proven to be highly valuable in providing clear and concise material performance information, and shall be instituted immediately on our projects, and in our specifications."
Brent Griffin, Coatings Engineer, Chevron Energy Technology Company

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