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GTI has 80 years of experience solving a wide variety of problems for diverse customers across every part of the energy value chain. For decades, our patented technology has changed and sustained the global energy business. We're focused on accelerating market introduction of technologies to bring the benefits of innovation to consumers faster.

Our world-class scientists and engineers leverage our laboratory and large-scale pilot facilities to efficiently de-risk technologies, working alongside the Commercialization group and our customers to develop technology solutions that meet real market requirements for performance, features, and cost.

More than anything, our history has taught us that every solution takes a different path to market, so we are flexible by design. Not a one-size-fits-all technology licensing shop, we commercialize via relationships based on trust, understanding, ongoing support, and finding the win-win. We have licensed technology to a broad range of companies, from large multi-national publically-traded companies, to mid-size privately-owned enterprises, to venture-backed startups.

Energy Value Chain

GTI actively develops technology across the entire energy value chain. In addition to natural gas, our diverse portfolio is rich in oil and petroleum, coal, and renewable energy technology. Our track record includes the development of nearly 500 products, 750 licenses, and more than 1,300 patents.

Commercialization Opportunities

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Hydrogen Molecule

Generating Fuel Cell-Quality Hydrogen and Inherently Capturing or Sequestering CO2 with a Liquid Phase Reformer


Free Piston Linear Motor Compressor (FPLMC)

Excavation Encroachment Notification (EEN) System 

DCSGHero_3_cut (1)

Direct Contact Steam Generator (DCSG) for Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Produced Water

ROTA CAP Photo 525x374

Development of ROTA-CAP Advanced Carbon Capture Technology

Molecular Hydrogen White

Creating Carbon-Free Hydrogen From Ammonia

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