Direct Contact Steam Generator (DCSG) for Enhanced Oil Recovery Using Produced Water

Lower environmental footprint of oil sands production

GTI Energy’s patented direct contact steam generator (DCSG) is a portable, container-based, oxy-fired, direct-combustion steam generator that requires less water and minimal water treatment. It is ideal where water is scarce or expensive to remediate and where greenhouse gas emission reductions are required.

The DCSG has been developed as an alternative to once through steam generators (OTSGs) for steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) for heavy oil and bitumen production. It uses produced water as the feed and removes the impurities by filtration from the produced steam. The DCSG has been tested with 13,000ppm total dissolved solids in the feedwater. With a reduction in water treatment required there is a significant savings in capital and operating costs.

The process reduces low-level heat losses associated with cooling the produced water for treatment and minimizes/eliminates blowdown water, further reducing low-level heat losses associated with cooling the blowdown for recycle disposal. There is no flue gas because of the direct combustion and no nitrogen in the steam due to the use of oxy-combustion. Carbon dioxide can be separated from the steam using limestone if desired. The reduction in equipment compared to OTSG substantially reduces the footprint for SAGD operations.

GTI Energy has performed small-scale 1/4MWth testing using Alberta SAGD produced water and has a scale-up design for a 12MWth system. We are presently seeking to partner with an operator to host a 12MWth demonstration.

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