Generating Fuel Cell-Quality Hydrogen and Inherently Capturing or Sequestering CO2 with a Liquid Phase Reformer

GTI Energy is developing a unique liquid phase reformer that uses liquid alcohol feedstocks to generate fuel cell-quality hydrogen at pressure and inherently capture or sequester the CO2 in the process. The use of liquid fuel is viewed as the preferred hydrogen carrier for easy transport, storage, and dispensing of the hydrogen for remote or transportation applications. It is estimated that the hydrogen cost will be $4 to $6 per kilogram for this system.

The technology generates 99.99% pure hydrogen directly out of the liquid solution at pressure. The carbon is either captured by regenerating the reagent, or is sequestered by making carbonate. There are no membranes, and the reactor temperature operates at low temperatures (less than 200 °C). The estimated cost of the liquid phase reformed hydrogen is $4 to $6 per kg at a pressure of 1200 psi. This patented process can go to higher pressures depending on the application with no compressors, since pressure is generated by pumps.

The applications for this technology are for remote and distributed hydrogen, where it can be coupled to fuel cells for power, or dispensed for hydrogen refueling for fuel cell vehicles. This technology can also be used at hydroprocessing locations in food or petrochemical industries.

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